Adult Bible Classes (ABC)


ABC Record Keeping: 

To keep people connected we need accurate information and this person in each class handles providing that and handles attendance records Sunday morning.

ABC Teacher:

Our ABC teachers accurately teach the Word of God and apply it to life. Training and mentoring by the pastor is required prior to serving in this ministry. Pastors will approach potential teachers.

Children’s Ministry **


Children’s Church:

Much like the instruction during the Sunday School hour, during the morning service children’s church is provided for children Pre-K through 2nd grade. Helpers are needed to tell Bible stories, serve snacks, run games, coloring, puzzles, play time, memorize Scripture, lead singing, play the piano and teach the children. The main purpose of children’s church is to provide a church experience appropriate for children, prepare children for regular church services as they get older, free parents and guests to concentrate on the message in the service, and provide a release of energy after being in the Sunday School hour.

Kid’s Club Leadership:

Kid’s Club is our Wednesday evening program for children. It centers on teaching children the Scriptures and helping them memorize the Scriptures. This ministry requires administrators, class leaders, game leaders, and numerous others. The program runs from September to May. The summer program runs from June to August. It’s focus is usually on teaching the children about missions. Workers for the same roles mentioned above are needed for this ministry.

Nursery/Toddler Care:

Providing care for children, birth through three years old, during Sunday School and worship services is a vital ministry for our congregation. Besides mothers who have children within these ages it takes many additional volunteers to staff the nursery and toddler care properly. Schedules are given to those who choose to serve.

Preschool/Children’s Sunday School:

Teaching our children about a relationship with our heavenly Father is of utmost importance. Deuteronomy 31:12 is a biblical mandate for teaching children in the church setting. We begin laying a foundation in the younger Preschool classes by teaching through songs, Bible stories, and the Baptist catechism for children. We build on that with the older preschoolers through 6th grade classes. Our children memorize Scripture, continue learning Bible stories, continue learning Baptist catechism, and how to apply these truths to their lives. Women who love children are needed as teachers and substitutes in the Preschool and Children;s Sunday School classes.

**All children’s workers must complete the “Child’s Protection Seminar” and fill out information for a background check

Cleaning Ministry


Church-Wide Clean Up Days:

In the spring and fall each year we set aside a Saturday to give the church building some extra tender-loving care. We clean up and repair items both inside and outside the building. Many, many workers are always needed.

Cleaning Ministry:

Every week various cleaning duties are assigned to members on a rotating schedule. We are always in need of willing workers who will clean up the building before Sunday services. We can never have enough workers for this ministry.



One on one or Small Group Discipleship:

The Great Commission of Christ urges us to be disciples who make disciples. Whether in one on one settings or in small groups we desire for all members to be involved in disciple-making. Training is provided before someone becomes a mentor to others. Men make disciples of other men and women of other women. The type of discipleship material used depends on the goals in mind. Some discipleship is evangelistic in nature while other forms of discipleship training is to build believers up in doctrine or in Bible study skills. Please speak with one of the pastors if you are interested.

Fellowship Ministry



People seem to connect with each around food and fun. Our fellowship coordinators invite your help for all church fellowships. You can help by setting up, taking down, cooking, and cleaning up. Men and women both are needed for this ministry.

Fine Arts and Creative Skills


Bulletin Boards:

Int he building there are various bulletin boards which contain information (i.e. our missionary bulletin boards) or encouraging messages for people to read. If you enjoy using your creativity in this way, the bulletin boards always need updating.

Decorating for Special Events:

For special occasions (i.e. weddings) and  seasons (i.e. Christmas) we are in need of helpers to decorate the building.


Throughout the year, we have various dramas, dramatic readings or puppet presentations (i.e. Christmas, Easter, VBS). We need actors, interpretive readers and puppeteers.

Floral Arranging:

Throughout the building, particularly in the auditorium, floral arrangements are put out for decoration. These arrangements rotate depending on the season or event.

Interior Design:

Periodically, rooms in the church building need a fresh look. If you have an eye for interior design your skills can be greatly used.


If God has blessed you with a photographer’s eyes and a good digital camera, you can be apart of this team that takes pictures at all important church events.

Props, Decorating, Set-up:

Some of the drams or puppet presentations put on during the year need to be designed and painted. So, if you are good at building things from wood or painting, your services would be greatly appreciated.

Grounds and Maintenance


Building Maintenance:

Volunteers are always needed to help with maintenance needs in the building (plumbing, electrical, painting, repair work, carpentry, HVAC, mechanical repairs, etc.). There are always things that need to be fixed, set up or replaced. Your involvement whether for a one time project or on a consistent basis is always greatly appreciated.

Mowing, Landscaping, Flowers:

Several times a year landscaping workers are needed to mow, trim shrubbery, plant flowers and in general just make the church property look good. If you like working outside this is a ministry for you.

Snow Removal

One of the joys of living in Connecticut is getting snow in the winter. Volunteers for shoveling or snow-blowing are always needed. These volunteers help clear sidewalks at the church building and/or help the elderly in our church clear their driveways.

Ladies’/Men’s Ministries


Ladies’ Ministry

This ministry focuses on enriching women’s lives through the Word of God and fellowship. The ladies’ ministry also has a prayer sister system in which the ladies of the church pray for teen girls of the church. Helping hands are always needed for planning events and helping out with events.

Men’s Ministry

Our men’s ministry focuses on prayer. Each Saturday morning there is a men’s prayer time and each month (last Saturday of the month) there is a men’s prayer breakfast. These times of prayer and fellowship are encouraging  times of important ministry.

Mercy and Help Ministries


Baptism Preparation

People are needed to help in the baptistery rooms as people prepare to be baptized and as baptisms are completed.

Hosting Special Guests

Occasionally we have special guests (i.e. speakers, missionaries or other groups) that need housing while they are visiting with us. If you have the spiritual gift of hospitality this is a great ministry for you to be involved in.

Meals Ministry

The deacon wives help organize meals for shut-ins, those who are sick or recovering from medical issues. Also, on occasion food collections are taken up for members or attendees of Calvary Baptist. The whole church body is encouraged to sign up to provide meals for those in need.

Mercy Ministries

Throughout the year there are various opportunities to serve those in need in our community. This may mean contributing food to the Windsor Locks food pantry, organizing and sending care packages to U.S. soldiers or going to a homeless shelter to serve food. Christ commands us to show mercy to those in need. We can never have enough mercy ministers.

Note Writing

A note to those who are going through a difficult time can be a great encouragement. If you like to write and build up those who are cast down, this could be a great ministry for you. One of the pastors can make suggestions for whom to write these encouraging notes to or you can write however many you want to whomever you want.

Shut-in/Hospital Visitation

Some of our members have health difficulties and cannot easily leave their homes. they are “shut-in.” As the church, we desire to reach out to encourage these individuals. Also, it is important that we visit those who are hospitalized. This mercy ministry can greatly lift the spirits of those physically struggling.

Washing Towels and Linens

For various events and ministries (i.e. nursery) towels, linens, table cloths need to be washed.

Office Skills


The daily operation of the church requires a variety of office tasks to be accomplished. If you would like to help in the office talk to one of the pastors. The following tasks are typical for office operation:

Filing, organizing, record-keeping, mailing, receptionist, telephone work, word processing, data entry.

Outreach/Evangelism and Missions


Emailing Missionaries

A great way to keep in contact with the missionaries we support is to periodically email them. Often our Adult Bible Classes will assign two or three missionaries to their class members to write emails to on a rotating basic.

Flyer Distribution/Prayer Walks

We periodically will go into various neighborhoods in our community to distribute flyers. We need workers to distribute this literature and pray as they walk in these targeted areas.

General Outreach Ministries

We desire to be an evangelistic presence in our community and in our world. We seek to accomplish the Great Commission in a variety of ways besides the ones listed below. Consider being involved in new outreaches or ongoing outreaches not listed below. Of course, your informal sharing of the Gospel with friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances and neighbors is always needed.

Golf Outreach

Each summer the men and ladies of our church enjoy a golf outing with the purpose of bringing our non-Christian friends and family. Workers are needed to help with food and the organization of the event. Also, denotation for prizes are always needed.

Gospel Clubs

One of our most successful outreaches we have to our community are our Gospel Clubs. We need teachers and workers who will go to area public schools to put on after-school Gospel Clubs. Various schools in Windsor Locks and Windsor have allowed us to hold these clubs and many children attend.

International Missions Teams

Periodically we send teams or individuals overseas to preach, witness, serve, help with building needs and generally just be an encouragement to our missionaries. If you have a heat for world missions and time to make the trip, then let your interest be known.

Missions Committee

This committee meets regularly to help the pastors plan missions events, mission trips, and to develop and implement an overall missions philosophy for CBC.

N.E.W. (Neighbors, Evangelizing by Welcoming) Ministry

This type of servant evangelism targets new move-ins and new parents. When people move into a community they can be looking for a church. Likewise, when parents have children they often feel a new sense of responsibility to bring up their children in a church. In both instances, we prepare a welcome packet (for new move-ins as well as new parents). We need workers who are willing to go to the homes of these new move-ins and new parents and simply drop off a gift packet. This is a low-pressure home visit. The purpose of the visit is to simply and graciously to welcome new move-ins or congratulate new parents. The packets have gifts as well as church information, although the purpose of the visit in not to put pressure to attend. The purpose is to make a warm and gracious visit. The response by people is always positive – hostile door visits do not happen. We come bearing gifts and people appreciate it. Besides those who make home visits we need helpers who will prepare the gift packets and do the research of looking up new move-ins and new parents.

Nursing Home Ministry

On an ongoing basis we minister to different nursing homes in the area. Workers are needed to preach, give testimonies, play instruments, sing and be an encouragement to those in the nursing homes.

Publicity/Public Relations

If you enjoy getting the word out about our church, consider overseeing or helping with advertisement (i.e. press releases). If you are gifted in this area, we could use your expertise.

Regional Missions Teams

Periodically, missions teams go to help out church planters in New England and New York. These teams minister through singing, preaching, distributing tracts/church literature, and by helping with building repairs and needs. These trips are not only a blessing to the church planters in the region but also great times of fellowship.

Servant Evangelism

In a variety of ways we seek to let our community know we care about it. We want our community to know we are here to serve it. This may mean handing out cold water bottles or balloons to children at a community parade. Or, our caring could be expressed by giving free car washes (no strings attached and no donations accepted). We want people to know we care. This caring attitude will often lead to opportunities to share the Gospel.

Tech. Support


CD Ministry

This ministry focuses on duplication and distributing the teaching and preaching our church on CDs for those who prefer CDs instead of downloading sermons on the internet.

Computer Systems/Website Development

This team exists to mange and develop our church’s presence and witness for the Gospel and edification of Christians on the World Wide Web. Strong computer skills are required. Knowledge of “HTML” programming is a great plus as well.

Information Technology

Throughout the church building there are a variety of computers performing various functions. Also, various ministries use computers. If you are skilled with computers you can use your talents in this ministry.

Sound Technicians/System Operation/Video Projection

This ministry exists to support our worship services by operating and maintaining all of the technical equipment which allows our congregation to hear and see everything that goes on in worship services with clarity and without distraction. Frequency of service varies with the number of currently trained operators. Team members should have a minimum familiarity with computers and electronics.

Welcome Ministries


Greeters and Ushers

Our ushers and greeters welcome people at each of our entrances on Sundays, distribute materials for our services and meetings, collect offerings, and help with any service needs that arise. They are the smiling faces that welcome you.

Plug-In Ministry

Our “Plug-In” ministry aims to help guests feel welcomed to our church and eventually assimilate them into the membership of CBC. These aims are achieved by members inviting prospects to their home for a meal and time of fellowship.



Adult Choir

If you love to sing and have special passion for worship then this ministry is for you. This group rehearses every week (Sundays at 5 p.m.) to lead our congregation in worship. Bring a worshipping heart and we will teach you the rest!

Children’s Music/Choir

This ministry team consists of teachers and workers who direct our children in our children’s music programs. If you love children and music and would like to help children learn the Bible through singing, playing instruments and worship, this might be just the thing for you. These choirs range from 3 year old to those in 6th grade.


The Bible tells us not only that we should praise the Lord, but that we should do so with all kinds of instruments. If you play an instrument, or used to, we would love to help you offer up your gift to the Lord in a sacrifice of praise. There are opportunities for occasional to regular leadership in worship for all kinds of instrumental gifts. Consider being apart of our church orchestra or serving in one of our instrumental groups.

Song Leading

Occasionally Pastor Tim is away on vacation. During these times we need male song leaders to lead the congregation in corporate worship. Even if you do not know how to lead a congregation in singing yet, but are willing to learn, Pastor Tim would be glad to instruct you in learning how to do this skill.

Youth Ministry **


Activity Helpers

Throughout the year the teens participate in a variety of activities, service project, missions trips, etc. Adult supervisors are always needed to help with the teens. This ministry is an informal way of influencing the lives of teenagers for Christ.

Student Sunday School

Sharing the Word of God with students every week is the call of this team. Usually the teen boys are taught by a teaching team of two men and the girls by a teaching team of two women. Training and mentoring by the pastors is required prior to serving in this ministry. Pastors will approach potential teachers.

**All youth workers must complete the “Child’s Protection Seminar” and fill out information for a background check

Miscellaneous Ministries


Archives Ministry

This ministry seeks to catalog, label and organize pictures and information concerning the history and current life of our church. If you enjoy scrap-booking this may be the ideal ministry for you.


This ministry functions to provide Bibles, books and music for the church. Workers help and checkout those purchasing these resources.

Bulletin Preparation

Sundays’ bulletin is prepared each week by various workers. If you have an editors eye or you are willing to help fold bulletins, you may want to be a part of this team.


If you are willing to drive individuals to church services or other church activities please let  one of our pastors know your willingness.