Teaching our children is a biblical mandate given to all of God’s people (Deut. 31:12-13). Our children memorize Scripture, learn the Bible’s storyline, memorize their catechisms, and learn how to apply the truths taught in each of these areas to their lives.

  • Sunday School

Our Sunday school classes begin laying a foundation in the younger preschool class by teaching through songs, Bible stories, and the Baptist catechism for children. We build on that foundation in classes through the 6th grade. Our children memorize Scripture, continue learning Bible stories, and the Baptist catechism.

  • Children’s Church

After the song portion of our morning worship service, children ages 3-7 are dismissed to their own teaching time in which they learn the Scriptures, sing, have a snack, and do a craft.

  • Calvary Kids

Calvary Kids is our Wednesday evening program for children. It centers on teaching Scripture to our children and encouraging its memorization. The program runs from September to May. In the summer months, the focus shifts to missions.

  • VBS

Each summer we host a weeklong Vacation Bible School. All children, ages 4 through 6th grade, enjoy a time of music, games, crafts, food, and Bible teaching. Also, during the children’s VBS is ongoing, the teens have a separate program where they learn Bible doctrine and church history, as well as enjoy food, games, and music.

  • Catechism

Baptists have a rich history of catechizing their children. Unfortunately, over time many American Baptists have given up this important work. Calvary Baptist seeks to reestablish our connection with our rich, Baptist, catechetical heritage. The word catechism comes from the Greek word which means “instruction.” The goal of catechisms is evangelism, Christian growth, and preparation for church membership. C.H. Spurgeon said, “For my part, I am more and more persuaded that the study of a good Scriptural catechism is of infinite value to our children. … Even if the youngsters do not understand all the questions and answers … yet, abiding in their memories, it will be infinite service when the time of understanding comes, to have known these very excellent, wise and judicious definitions of the things of God. … It will be a blessing to them.”  Our children from toddlers through 6th grade use an adaption of Richard Cecil’s A Catechism for Boys and Girls (1798). Once they complete this catechism, our teenagers progress through C.H. Spurgeon’s Catechism (1855).